Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Executive Principal  -  Mrs. Annabel Atkin

Vice Executive Principal - Mr. Steve Claybourn

Head of School - Miss. Natalie Message

Business Manager - Mrs. Kate Willis


Pastoral Team

Designated Safeguarding Lead / Inclusions Co-ordinator / CLA Lead - Miss. Message

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / SENCO - Mrs. Bebbington

Pastoral Support - Mrs. Fenwick (Thrive Practitioner)


Teaching Team

Year 6 - Miss. Watson, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Broughton

Year 5 - Mr. Cadman, Mrs. Blease

Year 4 - Miss. Storr, Mrs. Pullan, Miss. Roe

Year 3 - Miss. McCulloch, Miss. Smaller, Miss. Secker, Mrs. Flodman

Year 2 - Mrs. Bebbington, Mrs. Holt, Miss. Day

Year 1 - Miss. Whittaker, Mrs. Fenwick

Foundation - Mrs. Colgan, Miss. Joel

Nursery - Miss. Dodsworth, Miss. Norton, Miss. Templeman


Admin Team

Mrs. Flemming, Mrs. Stubbs, Mrs. Willis


Lunchtime Team

Miss. Atkinson, Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Grady, Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Pantol, Mrs. Randle, Mrs. Ward


Busybees and OOSC Team

Mrs. Atkinson, Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Pullan 


Premises Team

Mr. Hallberg Site Manager

Mrs. Atkinson, Mrs. Grady