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Year 2

Mrs Holt

Mrs Holt

Miss Day

Miss Day

PE in Bramble Class

Our P.E day is Monday. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school each week. 


Homework in Bramble Class 

Homework will go out on a Friday in the children's homework books and is due back in the following Thursday. This is the same for reading books and reading records.


Reading at home in Bramble Class. 

Please ensure your child is reading 5 times a week at home and anything they read is written in their Reading Records (due in on a Thursday). Any reading for pleasure at home on top of their 5 reads of their assigned reading books is welcomed and please write it down in their reading records as well. 


If your child is assigned a Little Wandle ebook please find the link below. 


Useful links 

Year 2 Current Learning

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Year 2 Prior Learning

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