Welcome to Heather Class!


Year 5

Mr Cadman

Mr Cadman

Mrs Blease

Mrs Blease

Welcome to Year 5 at Middlethorpe Primary Academy, better know as Heather Class. Were we have Mr Cadman and Mrs Blease as our teaching staff. 


In Year 5, we always try our hardest to follow the school values of Kindness, Responsibility and Pride in order to become as successful as we can be. 


In Heather class, homework is distributed every Friday and collected every Thursday. Pupils receive one piece of homework in relation to our topic, this term it is Geography, alongside a piece of either Literacy or Maths. Children also have access to other great resources such as Reading Plus, TT Rockstars and SumDog to help support their learning further at home. 


Children are to read five times per week and reading records will be marked every Friday, so please bring records in with your homework books. It is essential pupils keep reading in order to become to become the best readers they can be. 


PE day is a FRIDAY, so please ensure a full PE kit is brought in for that day. 

Year 5 Current Learning

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Year 5 Prior Learning

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